Top 8 Best Inverter Battery in India – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Looking for Best inverter Battery in India? You are at the right place. We have made a list for you which have the Best Inverter batteries in India.

Inverters are a must in today’s world where everything is run on electricity and they really come handy when there is an unwanted power cut. An Inverter is good only if the battery it has is worthy. The main component or power of the inverter is its battery.

There are many varieties of battery available in the market. It may become difficult to choose from the variety. But be restful as we have done the heavy lifting of searching the Best inverter battery in India for you.

So you can just go through the list and pick up the one which suits you the most.

Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inverter Ups Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Best Inverter batteries in India

Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Best Inverter Battery in India

1. Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery - 36 Month Warranty

Exide is one of the most popular brands when it comes to batteries. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product since it is coming from Exide. The battery comes with a 36 months warranty.

The battery does not require that much maintenance and it is easy to maintain. There is a float guide to indicate the Electrolyte level. This is the best tubular battery.

The battery has easy to handle with the molded handles for easy handling. It is a spill proof battery. There is a Top vented lid with Anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush vent plugs.

The battery is fume and leak resistant. It comes with a Spark Arrestor fitted in the float for restricting fumes and acid during operation.

The battery is rated well by the customers who have purchased and are already using it.

2. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

The battery has high heat tolerance capacity making it perfect for the Indian weather condition. It is the best inverter battery in India. One of many good thing about this battery is that it has the highest reserve capacity.

The charging of this battery is easy and it happens fast. The inverter battery is less prone to lose water which makes it a less maintenance battery. This contains low lead reserve. This is the best tubular battery.

The battery comes with a 48 months warranty which is quite more than the general 36 months warranty. This is top inverter battery.

This battery is compatible with any kind of inverter brand. You can also confirm with the online sellers for the same. The battery uses a high heat resistant calcium/ultra-modified alloy for its grids making it a zero maintenance battery. This is best battery for home inverter.

Also, the Brand Amaron is quite good and it has an established name in the battery segment. This is the best inverter battery in India.

The Battery has also got good customer ratings and reviews.

3. Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous is one of the trusted names when it comes to battery. There are many different varieties of battery which this brand supplies.

The ExtraCharge EC18036 150 Ah is designed to have a life of over 1250 cycles at 80 % depth of discharge (dod). This battery is suitable for areas where the power cuts are quite frequent. This is the best inverter battery in India.

It has a balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance and good deep discharge. There is also Inter partition connection which ensures lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance. This is the best tubular battery.

In case of high voltage the lead part of the battery is protected from corrosion. This battery comes with a replacement warranty of 36 months. This is top inverter battery.

In case you have any query, you can also check out the Answered questions on by clicking the image below.

4. LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

Again there is another one from Luminous brand. The Luminous RC 18000 150 AH is a tall tubular battery that has fast charging and longer backup. This Inverter battery has a brand which is best inverter battery brand.

It comes with a warranty of 36 months. It is the best inverter battery in India. The size of the battery is 52 cm x 23 cm x 32 cm and it weighs 53.3 kg.

The battery has a unique patented alloy composition which protects the lead part of the battery from corrosion. This battery has a void free, uniform grain structure that ensures consistent high quality performance.

This makes these batteries last much longer along with faster charging. The battery is suitable for areas with frequent power cuts.

It has a life of over 1250 cycles at 80 % depth of discharge. The battery has got good rating and reviews from those already using it. This is best battery for home inverter.

Best Battery for Inverter

5. Exide SF Sonic Hups (Inverter) SF850 (S/W) Battery

Yet another good battery from Exide brand. Buying a product from a good brand ensures that the product will be good and also you can avail any after sales service if you require.

The battery has a superior starting power and comes with a warranty of 24 months. The battery is factory charged and is suitable for UPS/Inverter. It has a brand which is the best inverter battery brand.

It has got special hybrid alloy system which is best suited to withstand the high temperatures that is experienced in many parts of India. This is the best inverter battery in India.

There is a dual plate separation for double protection against any shocks or vibrations. The battery comes with a float/float guide which indicates the electrolyte level position that also acts as an effective fume arrestors which enhances safety.

6. Luminous Inverlast Talltubular Battery 145Ah/12V

The great thing about this battery is that it comes with a 42 months warranty which is highest among the other batteries.

It is one of the next generation tall tubular batteries with better charge acceptance and long backup. The battery has got 30 % more acid volume per ampere hour than the other ordinary tubular batteries.

The battery has got high purity and corrosion resistant proprietary spine alloy composition for longer battery life. This is best battery for home inverter.

This is the best Inverter battery in India. It is highly durable with sealed plastic housing. It can be a good solution for areas with frequent and long power cuts. This is top inverter battery.

7. Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

This is a very low maintenance battery with special hybrid alloy system. The battery is highly reliable with extended life cycle.

There is a ribbed free polyethylene pocket type separator along with texturized glass mat. The double clad separation helps in protecting the design against internal short. It has a brand which is best inverter battery brand.

The hybrid alloy system is for withstanding the high ambient temperature and operating condition which are prevalent across India.

There is also a float/float guide to indicate the electrolyte level. Also there is bolted type terminals fitted with shroud for easy connection.

8. Luminous Tez Inverter Ups 150 Ah,2 Year Warranty

This is another good product by Luminous brand. The balanced plate design enables improved charge acceptance and excelled deep discharge recovery.

There is also Inter partition connection which ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance.

The battery supports inverter from 600 VA to 1050 VA. Also the consumption of the electricity gets reduced as the batteries are designed with tubular technology.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to consider while buying the best Inverter battery in India

If you are looking for buying an Inverter then you must know the basics and other details which may assist you in buying the inverter of your choice.

What is the use of the Inverter

An inverter is a device which is capable of transforming a Direct Current (DC) into an Alternating current (AC) at a given voltage and frequency.  For example, if we want to supply a household appliance which operates in alternating current 230 V (50 Hz frequency) and we don’t have AC power available, the appliance can still be powered by using an Inverter such as a 12V (DC).

The large electrical appliances at our home, work only on AC.

Inverters are also used in photovoltaic systems for powering electrical devices of mountain huts, isolated houses, camper vans and boats. They are also used in the grid-connected photovoltaic systems to enter the current produced by the plant directly to the power grid distribution (photovoltaic inverters).

Depth of Discharge

Depth of discharge (DoD) means the degree to which a battery gets discharged in reference to its total capacity. In case a battery discharges completely this means that it’s Depth of discharge is equal to 100%.

If there is a battery that holds 4kWh and you discharge 2.8kWh, then the depth of discharge is 70%.

Life span of a battery or Cycles of an battery

The life of a battery or lifespan is a function of how deep a battery is cycled each time. A battery cycle is equal to one complete discharge and recharge cycle. The cycle of a battery is completed when it discharges 100%.

Therefore, in case if a battery is discharged to 50% and recharged again, then it has completed a half cycle. Discharging the battery again to 50% and recharging it again completes one cycle – 100%.

A battery can have 10,000 cycles at 10% Depth of Discharge but only 2000 cycles at 80% Depth of discharge. Any battery that is drained to 25% DoD daily will have a longer lifespan than one which is frequently drained to 80% DoD.

Frequent recharging and discharging of the batteries shorten their lifespan.

Most of the battery manufacturers mention in the specification sheet the maximum recommended DoD for the peak performance of the battery.

If the manufacturer of a 12 KWh battery recommends a maximum DoD of 50%, this signifies that you should avoid discharging more than 6kWh without recharging.

Effect of Temperature on Battery

The performance, chemical reactions, lifespan and voltage of a battery gets affected due to temperature change – hot or cold. The effect of temperature on a battery is pretty much dependent on the technology and design of the battery.

It is commonly known that the general optimal operating temperature of Lead acid batteries is about 25°C. This means that the battery will discharge at normal rate when it is stored at this temperature.

The hotter your battery is, the faster the chemical reaction will occur. Sometimes the high temperature of the battery is the cause behind increased performance of the battery, but it will result in faster discharge and a corresponding loss of battery life.

At temperature below the normal optimal operating temperature (25°C), batteries will have a decreased capacity and longer life.

Capacity of the Battery

The Battery capacity is a measure of the charge stored by the battery. It is generally measured in Ampere-hour (Ahr). It is determined by the mass of the active material which is contained in the battery.

The capacity is the maximum amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery under specified conditions.

However, there are other factors which affect the battery capacity such as age, past history of the battery, temperature and the charging or discharging regimes of the battery.

Battery capacity = Current in Ampere x Time in hours

For example: If your inverter battery is drawing 120A and it is running for 20 hours, then the capacity will be

Battery capacity = 120 A x 20 hours = 2400Ahr

Backup time of an Inverter battery

Backup time of a battery = Battery volt x Battery Ah rating / Total load in watts

For Example: If you want to use your inverter battery for 1 ceiling fan and 2 tube lights by using a 150AH/12V battery.

Total load in Watts = 75 W (1 ceiling fan) + 80 W (2 tube lights) = 155 W

Backup time = 12 x 150 / 155 = 11.61 hours

Type of Battery

The inverter batteries are classified based on two criteria; these are based on type of electrodes and the plate technology. Each criterion has two types of batteries in itself.

Type of Best Inverter Battery in India based on type of Electrodes

Wet Cell BatteriesGel Cell  Batteries
Cheapest type of batteriesMedium cost batteries
Require regular maintenanceDo not need regular maintenance
Also known as Flooded lead-acid batteriesAlso known as Lead acid batteries
Need to be kept upright all the timeAlso known as Valve regulated lead acid batteries

Type of Best Inverter Battery in India based on Plate Technology

  1. Flat Plate
  2. Tubular inverter batteries

Flat plate batteries are traditional batters which come in big sizes. These were used earlier more than a decade ago.

Tubular inverter batteries are much more advanced than the flat plate batteries. Also these are much more efficient in the performance than the Flat plate batteries.

Best Inverter Battery Brands in India

  1. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Exide Industries Ltd.
  3. Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.
  4. V-Guard Industries Ltd.
  5. Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd.
  6. HBL Power Systems Ltd.
  7. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
  8. Relicell Battery (GreenvisionTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.)
  9. Base Corporation Ltd.
  10. Amaron Batteries Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Checking Inverter Battery Health

It is very important to check whether the inverter battery is healthy or not. This has to be checked at regular interval

  • You can check whether there is any leakage or damage to the battery.
  • You have to check whether the inverter battery gets fully charged or not. This can be done by checking the indicator on the inverter or you can buy a digital multi-meter for this purpose.

Filling water in Inverter Battery

Filling water in the inverter battery is a pretty simple task. Once you learn it then it just takes about 10 minutes to do so.

  • Twist to open the caps on the inverter battery.
  • Put a funnel inside the hole.
  • Pour the distilled water inside into the battery.
  • You have to work with your judgment to not overfill the water.
  • Once done you can put the cap back on. Generally the caps have indicator which lets you know whether the water filled is adequate or not.
  • If the water is inadequate then refill by the same steps.

What is the normal life of inverter battery?

The Flat plate battery generally last around 3 years or so. And Tubular battery last between 3 to 5 years. Within this time the Inverter battery can still get damaged very easily. This is the reason why warranty of an Inverter battery is very important. Our major home appliance such as Washing machine, refrigerator, AC and other appliances generally last much longer than this duration.

Repairing the inverter battery is quite difficult because of the electrodes and electrolytes. Even to disassemble a battery is tough and lot of safety is required in it. So go for the battery which has long warranty periods.

How do I choose an inverter battery?

In order to choose the best inverter battery for your home you need to understand the Battery capacity.

Suppose you need to run the following for 3 hours in your home.

  • 1 Fan – 70 watts
  • 2 tube light – 60 watts each
  • 1 Television – 120 watts

So the Total power requirement will be = 70 + 120 + 120 = 310 watts

Battery capacity = Power requirement (in watts) x Backup hours / Battery voltage (in volts)

Battery capacity = 310 x 3 / 12 = 77.5 Ah

(12 Volts is the general Battery Voltge)

In the market batteries are available with capacities of 100 Ah, 150 Ah, 180 Ah and more. Since your power requirement is just 77.5 Ah then a 100Ah capacity battery will be suffice.

How many batteries are needed to power a house?

It depends upon the power requirement of the house. If you want to run large appliance with Inverter then you would be requiring a quite large capacity inverter.

However, if you want to run tube lights and fans then there are different capacities of Inverter batteries are available in the market.

How long will inverter battery last?

The inverter battery last from a few minutes to many hours. This depends upon how the battery is used. You can calculate the Backup hours of an inverter battery.

Backup hours = Battery capacity (in Ah) x Battery voltage (in volts) / Power requirement (in watts)

  • Generally the Battery voltage is 12 volts.
  • The battery capacity would be the capacity in Ah of your inverter battery.
  • Power requirement is to be calculated based on the different electrical item that you want to run on the Inverter.

How do you take care of an inverter battery?

Below are some of the tips for maintenance of the Inverter battery.

  • Place the inverter battery in a well-ventilated area as heat gets developed during charging and operation.
  • Keep the water level adequate in the inverter. You can check the water level once every two months.
  • Make sure that you use the battery on a regular basis. Even if there is no power cut you can discharge the battery completely once in a month and recharge it.
  • Check for any corrosion or rust in the battery terminals. In case there is corrosion then you can use Hot water and baking soda solution for cleaning the terminals. Use old brush for cleaning the terminals.
  • Replace the battery if it gets damaged or is dead.

How can you tell how long a battery will last?

You can calculate the Battery life with the formula below

Battery life = Battery Capacity in Ampere hours / Current (Ampere)

For Example: if a battery has 10 Ampere hour rating and if it takes 1 Ampere of current then it will last for 10 hours.

If in case it is taking 2 Ampere of current then it will last only for 5 hours.

How do I extend the battery life of my inverter?

  • You can Avoid Overloading the battery
  • You can Switch to power-saving lights and fans
  • Make sure battery is fully charged
  • You can Check water level every 40 days
  • It is important to check for corrosion

Which acid is used in inverter battery?

Sulphuric Acid is used in Inverter Batteries. The batteries use a combination of lead plates and an electrolyte consisting of a diluted sulphuric acid.

Can we use RO water in inverter battery? Or Can I use rain water in battery?

It is always advised to use Distilled water in an Inverter battery as it has no ions that may contribute to self-discharge of the battery.

Final Word about Best Inverter Battery in India

Hope you like our top picks and the Buyer’s guide along with FAQs were helpful.

The list of the batteries was not in terms of preference. You can choose which ever suits you the most. For easy decision you can go with the ones which already have good ratings and reviews by others who have already purchased the product and are using it.

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