Best Symphony Cooler in India

Symphony is one of the best brands when it comes to air coolers. The Symphony cooler is well trusted and give a satisfactory performance to the buyers.

Symphony is itself an Indian multinational company having a presence in over 60 countries worldwide and is one of the largest manufacturers of air coolers.

It is the market leader when it comes to Air coolers.

The company was founded in 1988 in Gujarat, India. Symphony is a disruptor in the unorganized sector and it has 108 trademarks, 49 registered designs, 7 copyrights, and 8 patents.

Many of the above are in the Air cooler segment.

The company takes research and development to the next level. It delivers products that are market leaders along with innovative design and energy conservative products.

Symphony is the pioneer in the air cooling industry and provides a solution for affordable cooling and comfortable environments for great productivity, maximum efficiency, and wellbeing.

It is a publicly-traded company that delivers value to its shareholders in an effective way.

Not only that, the company has been awarded the Guinness world record for making the largest functioning air coolers in the world.

The company has been in cooling business since 1939 which means that it has more than 75 years of experience in air cooling.

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Let’s look at some of the best symphony cooler in India.

1. Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler (White) - with i-Pure Technology

This symphony cooler is one of the best sellers on It has more than 1800 reviews from customers already using it.

This is a personal type of Air cooler which is quite suitable for cooling smaller spaces within a room or for spot cooling.

The symphony cooler has a water storage capacity of 12 liters and it is ideal for room size up to 28 m3/1000ft3.

This air cooler comes with a drain plug which comes handy when cleaning of cooler is done.

There are automatic louvers in this air cooler.

The pads of the cooler are honeycomb pads which are better than the wood wool pads used in local brand coolers.

This symphony cooler can throw air up to a distance of 30 feet which is optimum if you want to cool a small area of your room.

The cooler is a blower type cooler which gives powerful air delivery so there will be some noise when this cooler is run.

This cooler is inverter compatible so you can relax in its cool breeze when there is a long power cut.

2. Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler (Black) - with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology

This symphony cooler is a popular one amongst the other air coolers.

The air cooler can store up to 31 liters of water and it is suitable for cooling smaller spaces in the room or for spot cooling.

There is I-pure technology in this air cooler that provides multistage air purification. It can purify dust, smell, allergy, bacteria, and wash.

It just consumes 185 watts of energy; hence you can save a lot of energy if you would have installed an Air conditioner.

The symphony cooler comes with Dura-pump technology and SMPS technology. The Dura-pump technology helps in improving the life of the pump and the SMPS technology helps in protection against voltage fluctuations.

There is also a System restore function which comes in use when remembering and restoring previous settings. This makes the operation quite easy and convenient.

This is a smart type of air cooler as it has an Empty water tank alarm which gives a 5 seconds beep when there is a need to refill the water tank.

Not only this, the symphony cooler comes with an intelligent remote for effortless operation of the air cooler.

The air throw distance is 37 feet which is comfortable considering the use of this cooler.

It includes additional features such as Ice and Water inlet, large tank capacity, etc.

3. Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

This symphony cooler is a 55 liters air cooler. It has a water outlet for the water that overflows so you can easily take care of overflowing water.

There is a double blower in this symphony cooler. This helps in more effective cooling through the air cooler.

The symphony cooler comes with 6 removable cooling pads. This feature is unique to this cooler only. The pads can be removed and easily cleaned which ensures a neat and hygienic environment.

It covers an area of about 71 m3. This area is quite sufficient when thinking of cooling a room.

There is a 55 liters water tank. This will ensure that you don’t have to refill water that often. It can work for long hours before there is a need to refill.

The symphony cooler requires about 205 watts of power for running. This implies that the air cooler will run on power almost equivalent to two ceiling fans.

This cooler can also work on Inverter, so when there is a power cut, still you can run the air cooler.

4. Symphony Diet 35T 35 Litre Air Cooler (White) - with i-Pure Technology

This is a tower type air cooler with a decent water storage capacity of 35 liters.

The symphony cooler comes with multi-directional castor wheels. These castor wheels enable you to move the cooler with ease and convenience.

There is also a mosquito net feature in this symphony cooler. This way you get protection against harmful insects and mosquitoes.

The air cooler comes with inbuilt I-pure technology that provides multistage air purification through the filtering process.

It can filter dust, smell, allergens, bacteria, and wash.

The coverage area of the air cooler is good 50 m3. You can relax after putting this air cooler in your room.

It consumes a power of 170 Watts which is not that heavy on your monthly electricity bill. This way you can run your cooler as long as you want without worrying about power consumption.

The symphony cooler has honeycomb pads that are better than the wood wool cooling pads. Also, these help in absorbing any dust particles so you get clean air throughout the day.

There is a water level indicator in the air cooler. This enables you to know exactly when to refill the air cooler. No worries about running the cooler without water.

5. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler (White-Blue) - with i-Pure Technology

This is a personal air cooler with a powerful fan and a 3-speed motor.

The symphony cooler has three-sided honeycomb cooling pads that provide you enhanced cooling.

There is a Dura pump technology that ensures that the pump will have a long life.

This air cooler comes with Cool flow dispenser that provides channelized water distribution for more natural cooling.

There is also an automatic vertical swing that provides equal airflow distribution.

The brand claim this cooler to have a whisper-quiet performance for having a sound sleep.

There are strong wheels so you can take the air cooler along with you wherever you want.

The coverage of the symphony cooler is 46 m3.

This symphony cooler comes with i-pure technology which has filter options. It filters the unwanted dust, smell, allergens, bacteria and wash.

The cooler runs on a power of 105 watts only. You can now relax about your electricity bill. The power consumption is almost equal to that of a ceiling fan.


Symphony is a great brand and symphony coolers are worth buying. They come with a good warranty and you also get Customer support with after sales services.

The air coolers are quite popular and are some of the best sellers on

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